My Lean Program

My Lean Program

Lean Physique

Lean Physique

Get to Work, Eat More, Sleep Well!

It is easy to get the information about getting lean. But, it is not easy to implement on it. So, whenever you plan to get slim, give a thought on the way through which you can execute your plans.

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In simple terms, the amount of time you can give to your body fitness will make you achieve the goal.

There is a massive amount of confusion on how to get a ripped physique. It is not only workout and diet and of course it’s not a magic.

All you need is to have faith on you. Whichever type of guide or plan you pick, make sure you follow it with full strength.

For you to get proper instructions about losing fats, various programs are available in market as well as online. While browsing, you would come across Get Lean Program. A 12-week fat burning workout is generated to shed your kilos quickly and provide you a slim body.

Such programs can be quite effective. However, if you want an easy guide to lose weight, here are ultimate 12 steps for you:

Weigh Yourself daily

According to studies, getting on a scale at least once in a week is crucial for weight maintenance long-term. While weighing yourself, you will come to know whether the plan you are following is working or not.

Changing plan in right time is an accurate step to avoid those unwanted changes.

Regular Measurements

Knowing about your body shape and recognizing from where you look bulky is important part in weight-loss plan. In this, you can track common areas like waist, thighs, arms, hips, and shoulders.

Staying on daily measurements will let you know about the efforts you need to put on that part of a body.

Notice What You Do

While following a plan, whether you are running or having low calorie diet, notice the way you are executing it. It will help you accomplish the right thing to do.

Focusing on what you are doing is the first step for getting slim. With this, you can maintain your body fitness for long and would love to practice on time.

Create New Goals

Once you start with the initial goals, keep on adding more goals to stay motivated. Additional goals should have variety like you can have healthy beverages or can add evening walk to your plan.

In fact, you need to push yourself to stay active all the time, no matter how hard you have worked for your physique.

Low-calorie Diet

Do you know the amount of calories you have in a day? Create a food chart and mention the nutritious foods like low carb meal.

You can consult an expert to make a chart for you as calories consumption varies from person to person based on activity level, genetics, weight, and age.

Protein Diet

Protein is effective for weight-maintenance. Lean proteins are low in calories that will help you stay within a certain calorie level. Choose from a variety of protein and containing low fats like beef, eggs, seafood, and more.

Intake Carbohydrates

For a leaner physique, you need a low carb diet. Such type of eating pattern will help you maintain your weight pretty well. For consuming carbohydrates, you can have fruits, starchy vegetables, grains, and more. The amount you intake depends on your goals.

Adequate Amount of Vegetables

Having green vegetables is fruitful while losing calories. Well, vegetables are low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

However, they provide maximum nutrients you need per day. On the other hand, you can have green leafy salad as a snack for best results.

Drink Water!

Water is the king to all problems in our body. When you plan to maintain a lean physique, it is imperative to stay hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water.

You can also have juices, coconut water, and more. So, keep on working, stay hydrated with healthy fluids.

Aerobic Exercises

No matter, the exercise you choose for your workout, all you need is to perform it well. It is generally recommended that you should practice aerobic exercise for 150 minutes in a week.

This is helpful for maintaining your fitness and accomplishing your goals fast.

Weight Lifting

You can add extra efforts to your workouts if you want to. Include 1-2 days of strength training every week to maintain your basic physical health.

Shedding weight is not that all you need for fitness, strength is a great part as well. Try different techniques for exercise so that you experience new in your weight loss plan.

Sleep Well

You need it in deep. Work with full efforts and sleeping stress-free is the main agenda for shedding pounds.

So, follow such steps and meet your goals happily.

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