My Lean Program

My Lean Program

Lean Mass Workout

Lean Mass Workout

Whether you have excessive fat or just want to maintain fitness, there is no better option than working on lean mass. To those looking for it, they can easily triumph by having a thorough knowledge of what they are going to practice. If you are willing to put efforts in such performance, you can be fit forever.

So, you can visit online for help from programs like Get Lean Program. This 12-week program is a great way to kick start new growth by building your muscles.

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To maximize potential growth to a muscle, you have to execute your weight-loss plan where you have an approach to gaining new lean muscle mass.

Thus, make your routine active and fresh by following these superior plans:


In this plan, you can burn 12% body fat first. The leaner you begin, the more muscles you gain as compared to fat. For this, you need to work hard to lose an amount of weight.

Pizza and burgers are what comes to mind when people think of a treat. But, are they healthy for you?

You should eat what you deserve. Therefore, you need get into the diet that allows you to go into the right shape and to enhance overall lifestyle and health.

In this plan, firstly, set specifications for protein and fat. Get adequate protein from your diet i.e. consume at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

You can get this diet by eating tuna, meat turkey breasts, steak, and more.

Program- What to Choose?

It is such a daunting task to decide which one is important- workouts or diet. The answer is both. In order to maintain both, get some tasty macronutrients.

While combining both, you will get the results for all physical change. However, these results promote mental well-being, key to get healthy and muscular.

While exercising your body, include leg squats, push ups, triceps press down, one arm rows, preacher curls, leg extensions, and more. You can practice any of these 5 in a week.

Practice abs twice a week. Create a proper plan to do workouts whether in morning or evening.

Cardio Practice

For being shredded, include cardio in your exercise. When your diet varies, the first step is to have high intensity training. Focus mainly on cardio for improving cardiovascular health.

Well, you can perform low-intensity cardio workout for 20 minutes daily. Whichever exercise you choose or equipment you use to practice, maintain it regularly for reducing weight.

Rest and Recovery

You need to understand the importance of having rest. The two key elements- rest and recovery are crucial elements to build body size. It is imperative to notice that rest makes you lazy.

In simple terms, you need to have rest and stay active. Sleep is the utmost importance. With this, you can easily perform exercises for chest and biceps, legs, shoulders, and triceps, more.

To follow your routine accurately, chase your goals by maintaining structure, balance, and composition. Remember, you are practicing hard-core workouts in order to eliminate all outside distractions and visualize nothing but success. Keep on rolling yourself and meet your goals quickly.

Mass Building Program

Such program is designed to boost your muscle mass, as fast as within 3 months. The aim of this program is to practice heavy compound exercises.

While making a plan, you can have rest for one day like on Wednesdays and the weekends. To get most from this plan, eat big meals 5-times a day.

Here, how you can generate a plan, on Monday, practice Barbell Bench Press and Dumbbell Flys. Also, include triceps extension. On Tuesdays, perform back and biceps. This includes chin up, one arm dumbbell row, seated row, and lat pull down.

Your biceps workout will include concentration curl, close grip preacher curl, and standing Barbell curl. Have rest on Wednesday. And, on Thursday and Friday, practice standing wrist curl and military press.

Such fitness programs have been designed to support the growth of muscle tissue without gaining fat. These programs are suitable for one looking for boosting muscles with no fat gain and for those want to increase body strength for achieving their body composition goals.

For losing pounds, all you need is maintenance of diet, workout plans, rest time, and goals.

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