My Lean Program

My Lean Program

Lean Body for Her

Lean Body for Her

Since men and women are built differently, it is hard for a woman to follow the same workout routines as a man and achieve the same desired results. Women should follow routines and programs that are designed specifically for them, so they can work out the right muscles.

Men Vs. Women

First it is important to know what is different in men’s bodies versus women’s bodies.

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Men naturally have more testosterone than women, which is a chemical used to help build more lean muscle. Although there are testosterone supplements out there you can take, you want to stay away from these, unless prescribed to you by a doctor.

These supplements can cause more issues than they will fix.


Overall, men are built with more muscles than women, especially in the upper portion of their bodies. And if having more muscle wasn’t enough, they even have more fibers that are in the muscles, making it easier for them to become stronger and look lean quicker.


Don’t worry ladies, women have some advantages too. Women are able to recover faster when they over strain a muscle or a ligament.

Plus, women are more resistant towards tiredness, so they can work out more and stay up later. Probably because women are expected to do everything in one day.


Women have a harder time burning off at then men do, so it is important for women to follow a low fat and high protein diet to get lean. But a major mistake that women make when trying to get lean is that they do not eat enough.

Food is a fuel to keep you going, if you are burning more calories than what you are taking in, yes you will lose weight. But if can also cause you to be dizzy, fatigued, and become ill.


Perhaps the biggest issue with women is that they feel more self-conscious, especially when first stepping into a gym. While men experience this too, it is seen more often in women.

This doesn’t mean that women are unable to work out and get to their desired place, it just means they have one more obstacle that they may need to hurdle over. The more you work out, and see results happening, the more confident you will feel in your own skin.

Tips and tricks for her to get lean

Hide your scale

The number one issue that people have when trying to get lean is they rely solely on what the scale is saying. But if you are trying to get lean, the scale won’t help you because muscle weighs more than fat.

Plus, if you try and weigh yourself after only a week or so of working out you might not see the results you would like to and will feel discouraged.


Along with hiding the scale, you need to be patient about getting lean, it may take up to 12 weeks to even start to show major results. Because women have less muscle mass all together, it may take even longer.

Don’t compare yourself to a man’s success, because they are biologically able to become more lean faster than women.

Weight training

The best way to add lean muscle is to work out using weights. Working out with weights at least three times a week will highly increase your chances of becoming lean, and make it a quicker process.

Always make sure that the weights you are training with is something you can handle, don’t try to overdo it thinking it will get you lean quicker.

Cardio Goes a Long Way

While it won’t build lean muscle like weight training does, it will burn the unwanted fat that is hiding all of your muscle from the world. While it is important to participate in cardiovascular exercises, it is also important to know when you are doing it too much.

If you are running for 30-45 minutes a day more than likely your body has gone into catabolic state, which means that it is starting to eat the muscle for fuel. This also happens when you don’t eat enough calories throughout the day.


Overall, women are faced with more obstacles when it comes to getting lean, than men are faced with. Biologically women’s bodies weren’t created to bulk up or get leans, but this doesn’t mean they can’t.

Women can still get lean and toned. It might just take them a little bit longer than a man.

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