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My Lean Program

How to Get Lean Calves

How to get lean calves

Recently people, more particularly women, are wanting to slim down their calves more than ever. Some people even go as far as getting calf reduction surgery.

But you can get the same results with just a little dedication and determination. There are many, non-surgical ways to get lean calves.

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Whenever you want to slim down any part of your body, the number one way to take care of this is through exercise. Of course, to get lean calves you will want to do exercises that focus on your legs, without over exerting your muscles.

Cardio Running is the best tool for trying to get slim calves.

Plus, it does not require any extra equipment. There are two different types of running that you can do to help slim down your legs.

There is long distance running, which will help you burn the fat off your legs quicker. And then there is sprinting. Sprinting will help tone your legs and give you a leaner look.

It is important to do both when trying to achieve lean legs.


It may seem silly, but stretching your muscles, especially after a workout, helps lengthen the muscles. When your muscles lengthen, they appear less bulky and your legs will look more lean.

The best way to ensure you are stretching your calves correctly is to join a yoga or Pilates class.


Other than exercise, there are some things that you can eat to help achieve lean calves.


In moderation, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Of course, doctors will tell you that you need to drink at least a gallon of water a day, but if you are also eating a lot of carbs or sodium this can cause your body to retain water and swell.

When it is hot outside or if you are working out, drinking plenty of water is essential. To reduce your water retention reduce your sodium and carb intake.


Potassium has been known to help with leg swelling. If your legs are retaining water or if you suffer from edema leg swelling eat plenty of foods with potassium in it.

Potassium has been known to be able to absorb sodium, which as you learned retains water and can cause your legs to swell. You can either take potassium supplements or these foods are high in potassium;

  • Spinach
  • Edamame
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken breast

Things to Avoid

Along with making sure you are partaking in certain exercises, there are also some that you should be avoiding because they can cause your calves to appear too large.

Step Machines

If your goal is to get lean calves, you don’t want to do exercises that target these muscles specifically like the step machine. When you do these types of exercises they can cause your calves to look bulky, although they will be all muscle.

Jump Roping

This is another exercise that puts a lot of strain on the calf muscles, which can result in calves that appear too bulky.  Instead of using a jump rope skip to something like an elliptical machine, which will strengthen yet slim your calves.

Resistance Training

Again, if you are working out your calf muscles specifically they will begin to look more bulky than lean. After you have burned all your fat away, calves are easily sculpted and can get bulky quickly.


If you are someone that likes to wear high heels all day, you probably have noticed that your calves look swollen or bulky all the time.  Not only are high heels constantly stretching your calf muscles, but they are also causing your legs to look more swollen at the end of the day.


When trying to slim down and get lean calves you don’t want to put all of your main focus on your calf muscles. After you lose the fat in your legs they easily bulk up, and can get to the point where they look too big.

To best avoid this, try moderate cardio work outs. Also, try changing your diet to help reduce the water retention that is in your body from consuming too much sodium or carbs.

Overtime your calves will get lean and look much slimmer. If your legs do not begin to slim down or if you think they are swelling for a medical condition due to poor circulation you should seek immediate medical help.

Poor circulation and swelling in your calves can be a sign for a serious medical condition.

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