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My Lean Program

How to Get a Lean Face

How to get a lean face

Cartoon characters always seem to have the most perfect chiseled jaw line, and it makes you think, “is that even possible for a person?” The short answer is yes, it is!

While looking in the mirror you might think it is far from possible because your cheeks are too puffy. Everyone has a jawline under their puffy faces, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to unveil it all.

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It may seem like a daunting task but there are many things you can do to get a lean face and look like you were chiseled from stone.


Chewing gum

It may seem like the best option to get a chiseled jaw line and a lean face. Chewing gum is like running for your face. While the repetitive chewing motion that is happening can help strengthen your jaw, chewing gum will not get you to your desired goal.

Facial Expressions

There are many different facial expressions that people believe can help you get a lean face. Each one is ridiculously embarrassing, so if you were to do these do not do them in public. A popular facial expression exercise would be the “X-O’ method.

You basically exaggerate the pronunciation of X and O repeatedly fifteen times. And repeat it three times. Another facial exercise is to make “fish lips” and to hold them for ten seconds.

Like chewing gum, these exercises may make your jaw a little bit stronger, but they will not get you to the desired look you are trying to achieve.

Face Massages

Another misconception about getting a slim face is that you can get face massages and it will help slim down your face. You can read online that some people advise you to rub your fingers gently over your jaws and cheeks in circular motions. This is said to increase blood flow to your face and will help reduce the fat in your jaw line.

Legitimate Ways To Get a Lean Face


Just like any other part of your body, to get a lean face you need to take on a diet that will help you lose weight all over. It is near to impossible to just lose weight in your face.

Although it is one of the easier places to lose weight. But to achieve a lean face you need to follow a diet that will help you lose weight.

The best type of diet to get a lean face is a low carb, low sodium, and high protein diet. Carbs and sodium can cause you to retain water and bloat.

Reducing your carb intake can help you lose a couple of pounds in a few days just in water weight. Plus, a low carb diet can help maintain your insulin levels, which will help your body burn fat.


We know we said reducing your carbs will help you lose water weight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be hydrated. The reason it is important to drink plenty of water is because you can control how hydrated your body will stay.

If you do not keep yourself hydrated with water, your body goes into autopilot and starts to retain water to help you live longer. Basically, staying hydrated helps you flush your bloating down the toilet, literally.


Again, if you want to lose the weight in your face you have to lose weight all over your body. There is no way to just lose weight in your face, just like there is no way to just lose weight in your arms.

Participating in simple cardiovascular workout regimens or even weight training can help slim down your face. If your face is your only goal, you don’t need to specifically work on one area of your body, instead focus on your body as a whole.


There is no way to just get a lean face without getting lean all over your body. But many people suffer from having a puffy face. Even if you go to the gym frequently you can still suffer from a puffy face.

There are many misconceptions out there that state you can easily slim down your face by practicing funny facial expressions or by chewing gum. But these are misconceptions.

The only ways to truly get a lean face is to lose weight all over your body, reduce your bloating by eating a low car and low sodium diet and by staying hydrated.

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