My Lean Program

My Lean Program

Get Lean Program Review

Get Lean Program Review

The Get Lean Program is a three month long where Belinda Benn claims that she can help you change your body from being overweight to lean. Her program is identical to the one she created and followed when she was in her 30s to go from being unfit to a lean fitness model.

Three Phases

Belinda’s program is an eBook that is mapped out in three phases to help the reader get lean just like she did. The three phases, which mirror the three months she says it will take you to get lean include:

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In this first phase she has you change your diet to help boost your metabolism and shed those first couple pounds of body fat. In this phase, she has you on a decently strict diet where you eat three meals and three mid meal snack every day.

But she also gives you cheat days of items that are not on her dietary restrictions, so you don’t feel so deprived.


The second phase provides you with a regimen where you are burning more fat and eating less calories. She restricts your diet to less snacks and has you follow a stricter diet plan to stay on track.

Peak Phase

Lastly the third phase, and the last month of her regimen she has you push yourself as hard as you can. You should have achieved your optimal results by the end of phase two, and this phase is just to get you looking better than ever.

Customer Support

If you ever have an issue or questions about the detailed program, you can contact Belinda herself. She quickly replies to emails that you send her with answers and words of encouragement.

Plus, she sends out weekly, personalized emails to make sure you are benefiting from the program just like she did. This is more than just a workout program, it basically comes with its own personal trainer.


Belinda makes you follow a strict diet guideline. In the eBook she even maps out a day by day meal plan for the 90 days that you are on this program.

Including variations in case of allergies or taste preferences. In addition to the 90-day meal and snack plan she offers and extra 50 fat burning recipes that you can use during the program or after you finish the three months.


Surprisingly, the exercise section of this book is where the program lacks a little bit. While she dos include some general guidelines on how to stay in shape, she does not include a workout plan or routine.

She simply tells her clients that they should exercise doing activities that they enjoy doing. Although, Belinda does record work out videos that you can always follow along with online to help burn even more fat, she relies solely on the nutritional value to help you burn fat.


Because Belinda went from an average unfit woman to a fitness model in just a matter of months, she knows what it is like to struggle with the psychological issues that don’t burn away with the fat.

In her eBook she covers this area in pretty good detail, trying to help other people step over the obstacle of body shamers that had once been in their lives.


Seeing a crazy transformation like the one Belinda went through is something that will keep most people skeptical. How can someone go from being an unfit average person, to a lean fitness super model?

Well Belinda claims that she has the answers for you in her program.

The best part of the Get Lean Program is that she makes it so easy to follow the meal plan. With variations included, she lays out what you are going to eat for the next 90 days.

In any new workout plan, the worst and most tedious part is finding healthy recipes that are full of the right nutrients to help get you lean and slim.

Through the 90-day program you can have as little or as much contact with her that you want, which makes it like having your own personal trainer that isn’t breathing down your back all the time.

Plus, she provides information with help dealing with the psychological toll that weight loss can put on a person.

Other than this program being geared mostly towards women, the only downside of it is that she does not have a work out plan specifically designed. She tells clients to work out doing activities that they like to do, but some people who want to get lean didn’t like any activities at all and need step by step instructions for exercises.

Overall, the results for this program probably vary from person to person. But she went from an average unfit woman in her late 30s to a fitness supermodel and she believes that anyone can achieve this if they follow the same routine she did.

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