My Lean Program

My Lean Program

How To Get Lean?

How To Get Lean?

Lift your body! Eat When Hungry!

Picking a right call to shed pounds is essential. This is because one wrong step may lead to gaining more fat. So, an ultimate guide is required to choose which plan suits you.

If you sign up online, you can find programs like Get Lean Program. This program is a 12-week fat burning nutrition and workout plan made to help you lose weight quickly and transform your body.

Don’t believe it? You will, once you come across this helpful guide to get lean. Well, what comes to your mind when you plan to reduce weight? Simple workout, and diet!

So, keep going, start your training from now onwards and make your body fit.

Enjoy Eating

Of course, what’s wrong in this? Does skipping meal provide you the solution? Apparently, no, it will only give you weakness.

Many people think that skipping breakfast can help you in staying slim. Wrong! Instead of omitting, just add. Yes, adding a nutritional diet to your meal plan can help you shed a lot of weight.

According to studies, instead of skipping a meal, you need to concentrate on the right diet. Protein filled meals, fruits, vegetables, and lots of fibers will work in your favor.

Lean meat, dairy products, avocado, fish oil, and green vegetables, include these in your diets and you can get into the right shape.


Greet your mornings with Lean Green Smoothie. It won’t take much time. Take 1 cup of 1% low-fat milk, 1 cup spinach, 2 tablespoons oats, 1 chopped frozen banana, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed.

Mix and blend the whole until smooth. This beverage is ultimate to have at the beginning of the day as it fills the empty stomach with healthy nutrition.

Apart from this, you can also have egg sandwich. This is effective. Cook 1 whole egg and 2 slices turkey bacon. Then, place it on a whole grain English muffin with 2 Romaine lettuce leaves and 2 slices tomato. In last, serve it with an orange.

Having such meals in the morning will help you reduce pounds in a healthy way.


If morning has been full of work for you, there is a need of healthy meal during lunch. Add meat, fish, and boiled vegetables in your lunch.

You can also have chicken cob salad, sweet potato, and black bean tacos. If you want to take tea or coffee, make sure this is the last cup of the day as even one cup after lunch can disrupt your sleep.


Dinner is a merry time for the entire family, and among all the gossips, we forget about the quality and quantity of food.  What you eat at night is directly related to your sleep cycle.

Better keep a check on what you are going to eat so that it does not affect your sleep cycle.

Experts mostly recommend light diet at night, so that you can hug your bed without complaining about acidity. A typical healthy dinner stays away from all sorts of fat. Include salads and soups in your meal, and for a bit of taste, some organic dressing can be added.

A portion of the red wine is also considered good before you sleep. Never sip caffeine before and after the dinner as it will hinder your sleep.

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Are snacks helpful in weight losing plan? Well, this is up to you. Having snacks is pretty good but depends on the amount you intake.

Thus, choose any appropriate time to have snacks and that too the healthy one. Snacks are needed to keep you full all the time; the feel of hunger is likely to increase the appetite.

Apple crisp is a great option: It is easy to make. Chop 1 apple, microwave in a vented bowl for 3 minutes; top with 2 tablespoons granola.

Delicious and healthy as well, the snack time with apple crisp will help your body in a proper shape.


Yes, drink water. This is the top suggestion provided to you in every course whether you lose weight through workouts, diet, or any online program like Get Lean Program.

Having 10-15 glasses of water in a day help you feel fresh and reduce calories. So, welcome sunrise with fresh water and end your day with amiable water.

Water with few drops of honey and lemon is considered as the best morning drink. People find this drink to be helpful in their weight loss plan.

You can also go for variants of water like juices and soups. Green tea is also one good option for those who want to stay fit and healthy.

Daily Workouts

While working out, people expect maximum results in a quick time. But, for a healthy workout, this is a wrong attitude. No matter how much you lose, never harm your body for it.

Start with an appropriate schedule and pick one exercise at one time. For instance, whether you want to do exercise at morning or evening does it consistently.  Here are some useful exercises for you to focus on while accomplishing your plan of shedding pounds.


Build the power of yourself. Enhance your metabolic needs and have a proper meal. Certain exercises and Yoga postures completely focus on strengthening a particular body part.

The lean program will reveal all those exercises that will improve your every muscle.

Start with 20-20 minutes of practice and then make your way to longer hours. One week of the practice and it will burn up the extra calories before your body convert them into fats? So, go for the lean program and strengthen your muscles.


It can help you get slim only if you include crunch in your exercise regime. This exercise is useful for strengthening muscles present underneath the excess fat.

While starting with such use, consume unprocessed foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more.

Crunches address abdominals areas. This is effective when you want to slim your belly and cut that bulky fat of the body from the stomach.

Along with this, target all the main muscle groups from legs, hips, to the chest, arms, more. Practice exercises like squats pulls and presses.


Making your body move will help you lose fats by building muscles and burning calories. Well, push-ups alone are not triumphed in losing pounds.

If you are adding it as an exercise to work on your arm, chest, and shoulders, then you can’t miss a single day. Instead of focusing on the count, see if you are consistent with the exercise.

Push-ups need power and strength first, and then it can help you modify the upper posture well. The result provided by this exercise when performed continuously for 5 minutes without any break burns 25 calories for a 150-pound person.

In simple term, how many calories you consumed depends on your body size. Thus, to practice the push-ups correctly, you need to enhance strength to meet your goals.


Lift up your metabolism rate for up to a day post-exercise by adding just adding intervals to your daily exercises. For this, you need to inject brief duration of intense effort into your regular walks. With this, the intensity efficiently retunes your metabolism to a slightly higher rate during your workout.

If you walk and do exercise for half an hour, add jogging or running sometime in your schedule. As you become fit, increase interval time and decrease walking segments to be covered in less time.

For high metabolism, exercise more. Keep in mind that intervals are not for rest, but for acquiring more results by performing other activities.

Reverse Dip

For this, you need to be strict with your workout regime. It needs a rigid support for your hand to make a strong hold with a powerful base. There are many ways to perform it.

Dips with absolutely perfect form should be done in a slow and controlled manner.  The bench dip is an exercise where it is safer to carry out the movement very strictly with more moderate weights.

It’s a “finesse” movement and a “mind in the muscle” movement, not a “how strong I am” approach.

Make sure you stay right with your moves and soon you can strengthen your triceps.


A lunge is an effective move that uses your body weight in a great motion. This exercise is efficient for lower-body toning and maintains the heart-rate. There are two forms of Lunge- Forward Lunge and Side Lunge. Both are useful in nature.

Forward Lunge

It focuses on your bodies such as hips and gluteus, abs, and your squad. Easy to perform, this workout engages your gluteus and thigh to push back to the beginning position. It includes lifting of one leg slowly and pauses for a while to establish your balance.

Side Lunge

It is a variation on the regular forward lunge that essentially works on the same muscle groups with, the bonus of working on the hips, a little more. Begin by standing straight with your feet facing forward hip-width apart.

Keep your knee directly above your foot and your shinbone vertical to the floor. Push off back to standing. Work up to three sets of 10 reps on each leg or as per your trainer’s instructions.

So, lunge is one of those workouts that can’t be ignored.


With advanced techniques, rowing machines have arrived in the market for you not to go anywhere and just sit at home doing your work. That’s great!

This is crucial for an overweight person or one bearing extra fats. To burn calories, you need to work hard and go stress-free,

It is known that burning weight through heart rate program is beneficial as it monitors your pulse rate and keeps you training at the optimum rate to fat burning. This exercise has no concern with injuries.

All you need is to perform an exercise for your healthy lifestyle.


Having aerobic activities and weight training in your plan is perfect. Both of these are easily included by squat. Even though squat is called as a leg exercise, it can help you maintain full body moment. Not only it shapes the body moments but also come as a strength training workout.

Whether your goal is to gain strength or lose weight, squats are one of the fastest way o reach there. The only scientifically proven method for losing weight involves burning more calories than the amount consumed.

By combining an exercise program with a healthy eating plan, you’ll maximize your ability to lose weight.


Male and female are different and thus, store fats in different parts of a body. Focus on upper body first. Pick an upper body exercise and step forward to perform curls.

Curls are helpful in improving power and strength of a person.

Sometimes walking, running and other forms of cardiovascular activity aren’t enough for losing weight. All you need is some good, old-fashioned weight or strength training to target those areas where you want to lose weight first.

Standing dumbbell, Offset-grip dumbbell, hammer, static dumbbell, decline dumbbell, incline dumbbell, and kneeling single-arm curl are some of the curls you can practice.

Online Programs

Even your mobile phones have become so much advanced in providing you the valuable information for getting slim. A dream of everyone, lean program completely describes the full agenda of losing weight while working.

It is simple to achieve and following it won’t cost much. From losing weight to maintaining body, these online programs offer convenient plans for everything.

The program like Get Lean Program is successful in changing your lifestyle and coming into shape. Customer’s feedback is required much.

Here an appropriate chart is followed where all meals, exercises, and such programs are not reaching in hand of everyone.

Such programs are developed to help those who are looking for weight-loss. By delivering a comfortable and convenient program online, they empower many of you to discover life-changing habits.

With these, they achieve healthier lifestyle to reach their plans in a quick time, no matter your age.

How do online programs work? These programs are built on the health and fitness niche that is cantered on the proven principles of calorie tracking and consumer support for healthy and sustainable fat loss.

By making people easier to lose weight quickly, a proper chart is made so that people don’t miss any requirement for getting slim.

Such programs have a diet plan, workouts ideas, schedule management plans, and more. For instance, if you have a sitting job and looks for staying active, you need to sit straight and have to use stairs instead of elevators. Suggestions like these will modify your life to some extent but will keep you active all the time.

Also, if you are a student and want to shed pounds, then you have plenty of time for yourself. Opt for any such programs like Get Lean Program and follow the schedule as provided by them.

By following such plans seriously, you will lose many calories in a day and spending on such programs won’t concern you much. This is what every consumer wants quality more than quantity.

So, now you have gone through the wise plans available these days for losing weight. Thus, now it has become simpler for you to pick the right and appropriate program in a suitable way. One of the most interesting things about these programs is they are made for every type of person.

Starting from 7 day to a month program, now, it’s your turn to pick the valuable program that you think can help you in losing weight. Nothing is easy in this world when you have so many good programs around you. Pick one and take a path of success.

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